Tianjin Huayuan Group

Tianjin Huayuan Group located in Jinghai district, Tianjin, China was founded in 1992 and now has 11 manufacturing branches, 3 trading companies and a recognized technical center. The total assets is over US dollar 220 million and over 2800 employees.

Steel Wire For Mesh

galvanized steel wire by the standard EN 10244; JIS G 3547; KS D 7036

Steel Wire For Cable

galvanized steel wire; galvanized steel wire strand; Zinc-aluminium steel wire; Zinc-aluminium steel wire strand

Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope for elevator; crane, lifting, fishing etc




Tianjin Huayuan Industry Company is the most professional manufacturer of carbon wire products in china with totally 2600 workers. The size of the factory is about 200,000 square meter. The company was founded in early 1992, with annual production capacity 600,000 tons now.The main products are galvanized steel wire, steel strands and wire rope products, etc. The wire is widely used in wire rope industry, automotive industry, wire mesh industry, pulp mills, vineyard, windpipe, painter roller, cable armouring, optical cable, acsr, agriculture, barbed wire, electrical engineering, chicken fence, submarine cable etc. hot dipped galvanized steel structures and steel pipe, including road lamp post, sign post, steel frame structure and steel stand for solar photovoltaic equipment.Till now, the products enjoy high reputation and we sell to over 2000 customers in over 90 countries. 80% of whole capacity is for exporting.



1. heavily galvanized wire and wire strand ( ASTM A 475 Class B and Class C standard )

2. heavily galvanized wire and wire strand (ASTM B 498 Class B standard and Class C )

3. extra high and untra high tensile strength ASTM B 958 steel wire and wire strand

4. zinc aluminum galvanized wire

5. pulp baling wire