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Phosphated Steel Wire for Optical Cable

Phosphated Steel Wire for Optical Cable

Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire has been cold drawn to the required diameter and heat treatment is available. Often used for plating, redrawing and coating, it is important that the surface finish of the wire is clean and smooth. It will take moderate bending or flattening, machine ability is fair and the wire can be roll threaded.

This is a general purpose manufacturing wire suitable for a large range of applications. Various applications include super market trolleys, shelving, baskets, racks, hooks and general automotive parts.

 Additional Info

Diameter Range: 1.60-12.50 mm

Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire Specifications

Diameter Properties

Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire is manufactured to comply with the following diameter tolerances:

Nominal Wire Diameter

Tolerance (mm)

1.60mm up to and incl. 1.80mm

over 1.80mm up to an incl. 2.80mm

over 2.80mm up to and incl. 5.00mm

over 5.00mm up to and incl. 8.00mm

+/- 0.02

+/- 0.03

+/- 0.03

+/- 0.03

Tensile Strength (MPa)

The tensile strength is defined as the maximum load achieved in the tensile test, divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test. The tensile strength developed depends on the amount of reduction in area to the finished size. Tensile is not considered of prime importance to this product however the following table is given as a general guide:


  Nominal Wire   Diameter

Tensile Range (Mpa)


less than or   equal to 1.75mm

over 1.75mm   up to and incl. 2.00mm

over 2.00mm   up to and incl. 2.24mm

over 2.24mm   up to and incl. 2.70mm

over 2.70mm   up to and incl. 2.80mm

over 2.80mm   up to and incl. 4.20mm

over 4.20mm   up to and incl. 10.00mm

over 10.00mm   up to and incl. 11.50mm

over 11.50mm   up to and incl. 12.50mm










Steel Chemistry

Use a variety of steel grades to manufacture its Hard Drawn Low Carbon range. The table below is indicative only of steel chemistries used.





% Carbon

% Phosphorus

% Manganese

% Silicon

% Sulphur

0.04 - 0.07

0.03 max

0.40 - 0.60

0.12 - 0.22

0.03 max

0.05 max

0.03 max

0.50 max

0.12 - 0.18

0.03 max

0.06 max

0.04 max

0.25 - 0.50

0.05 max

0.04 max


Quality Control:

We use total quality control system. Every pieces of the raw material; semi-finished products and finished products are tested and recorded in file. The tracking record is used from final products to the very first beginning raw material steel factories.

Third Part like SGS is available for test control before shipment


1) All the products are packed with seaworthy packing.
2) Customer’s special requirement for packing can be satisfied.
3) Air freight; sea freight and truck freight are all available.



Q: Manufacturer or Trader?
A: We are manufacturer in wire industry for more than 20 years. 

Q: Producing Capacity?
A: The producing capacity totally is 9, 000 tons per month. The producing capacity of this product is 1,500 tons per month.

Q: Main Market?
A: Our main market is foreign customers. 80% of the products are for exporting. The main countries are Japan, South Korea, South Asian area, Europe, America, Canada, and South America etc.

Q: What information should I provide when inquiring?
A: The diameter before pvc coating; after pvc coating, the requirement of the core wire like zinc coating, tensile strength, packing, colour

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: For quality checking, we accept small quantity order like one coil. For normal cooperation, we prefer FCL container quantity to ensure the safety of goods in transportation.

Q: What is the payment term?
A: T/T; L/C; D/P etc

Q: Free sample available?
A: Yes. Free sample within 2kg is available

Q: Third Party Inspection available?
A: Yes, available. The charges are on the buyer.